Reclaiming Your Power (and Captions)

It appears that the simplest way to add TikTok videos to the website is to simply attach them to posts. With that in mind, here are some I did quite awhile back, two on reclaiming your power and one an update on captions on TikTok.

This is an update to my post about going captionless. In the time since this post and the one preceding it, I’ve listened to a lot of people with a stake in the issue. Also, TikTok has made adding captions trivially easy, so going forward from about April, most of my videos include the native CC.

Reclaiming your power is tough. After you have gotten used to the idea that others have power over you, changing that is difficult and necessary. It’s also part of becoming a happier, healthier person.

More on reclaiming your power and the benefits and costs of doing so. This involves believing and thinking things that we choose. Sometimes before we even act on those beliefs.

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You might also want to try reading Breaking Free from the Victim Trap: Reclaiming Your Power by Diane Zimberoff

New Feature: The Resource Page

I will be spending time this weekend creating a resource page. It will be readily available at the tabs at the top, and I will link to it regularly in articles. The goal of the resource page is to link people with already existing resources on the various topics I cover and encourage people to support the creators who can answer the questions people ask more thoroughly than I can. I’m not going to spend a lot of time hammering out what I’m doing here, just check in later to see what I’ve done. The resource page is being updated …

3 Excellent Reasons to Stop Adding Captions to Your TikToks

“Stop adding Captions”? Blasphemy. But there are several excellent reasons to stop adding them to your TikTok videos. Because They Interfere with Closed Captions The most important reason to stop adding them is that it interferes with the accessibility features of every smartphone. Inside the settings of every smartphone, you will find an accessibility link, and within that, you will find hearing accessibility settings with several options. One of these is closed captions. Most deaf and hard-of-hearing folk have these turned on by default, which means that your added captions can interfere with their ability to read your content. Because …

From TikTok: Helping People Calling In Their People

Calling In Loved Ones Who Are Doing Harm I have talked a lot about this over the years and I will continue to. Most of the harm people do stems from lack of skill, emotional pain, or from lack of information or perspective. Over the Trump years, nascent splits in families became what felt like unbridgeable divides. And there are a lot of people in the world grieving those they love. Grieving those who are cheering on Trump and Q in racist and misogynist and homophobic and transphobic words and actions. So, “calling in” means to “find a mutual sense …

Criticism is not Force, It’s An Opportunity

Criticism is not force. Over on @tblizzy’s Tiktok, she has been doing a lot of amazing accomplice work with transfolk. She has been standing up for them against an onslaught of straight men who got extremely fragile and angry in her comments. They claimed she was “forcing” them to date trans women. Because she was pointing out that, parts aside* refusing to date trans women even if there is no external evidence they are trans is transphobia. @tblizzy may have singlehandedly inspired the “super straight” pseudo-identity. (More on that later). *(you can make a case that a preference for certain …

My Poor Neglected Website

I’m doing some thinking about what I’m going to do with this site and whether or not to keep it active. I have an active TikTok and Twitter and semi-active Facebook, and a decent archive on YouTube. I have a Patreon with a handful of Patrons. I’m thinking of making this feed the “home” for all of that, but that involves stepping away from the immediacy of social media to set up articles and links and all that. I’ll let you know what I decide.

Overwhelmed and Exhausted by Trump Stress? What Now?

Four Years of Trump Stress Trump stress means that for the last four years, the Trump presidency has been the direct cause of untold manhours of productivity, creativity, and general function for people in the United States and in the rest of the world. I’m sure someone will take the time to quantify it at some point, but I’m not the one. I’m just introducing you to the concept. As I am writing this, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have won the electoral college conclusively. Yet Trump and supporters around the country are continuing to threaten and harass and refuse …