4 Ways To Handle Any Problem (from DBT)

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4 Ways To Handle Any Problem (From DBT)

Here is my first attempt at a video-cast. In the interest of getting it out and produced, I fixed the worst of the problems (it recorded vertically vs. horizontally, so I flipped the video, which caused some scale loss) but left the audio issues and didn’t attempt any real post-production. Without further ado, 4 ways to handle any problem:


From the video, how I handled the problem:

1. I solved the problem of the flipped video by learning some rudimentary skills in Microsoft’s video editor and in Blender. 


problems often involves learning new skills, finding new resources or support, or looking at the problem differently. 

2. I changed my feelings about the video by emphasizing that I finished it, and if I got it out before midnight, I would keep my promise. 

Changing your feelings

4 Ways To Handle Any Problem
 about a problem often involves learning to see things from different points of view. This includes different time scare and other peoples’ points of view. 
3. I tolerated the problem by accepting that this video is far from perfect and that my learning curve will help others.


problems can involve reminding yourself that the problem is temporary, not dangerous, not important, or some combination of those.
4. I stayed miserable by not getting the rest I should have today, in order to work on the video and on websites today. 
Staying miserable 
involves deciding that right now, for a moment or for awhile you are not going to (be able to) choose one of the other ways to handle the problem. It’s best in small doses. 
Let me know what you think. 
The next video in this series will address the 4 ways to handle any problem from a community/societal (political) point of view. When it is released from Patreon and added to the site, I will link it here. 
Whether you’re “high-functioning” or struggling to face the THINGS in your life, I hope this and other articles helps you on your journey. If you need more personalized assistance, you might want to consider becoming a Patron at a level that includes community 

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