WHAT Skills Core Mindfulness from DBT: Observe, Describe, Participate

From DBT: “What” Mindfulness Skills? This article includes information from DBT Skills Training Manual 2nd Edition pages 153-154 by Marsha Linehan, PhD. The “what” mindfulness skills are the three core mindfulness skills from DBT that help you with what to do when your mind is out of control. They help you to be skillful enough to be productive or to stop being destructive. Do You Mind? Tackling the Thing.

How the “Wellness” Industry Promotes Eating Disorders

I’m about to tell you a personal story about eating disorders I woke up this morning to this headline from the New York Times: “Smash the Wellness Industry: Why are so many smart women falling for its harmful, pseudoscientific claims?” , which discusses the author’s own struggle with eating disorders. Because the Times is behind a paywall, I’ll summarize. The author, a novelist named Jessica Knoll,  spent most of her adult life going on one diet after another, following the advice of dieticians,  doctors, and whatever fad of the week diet was being promoted. It wasn’t until she found a …