New Feature: The Resource Page

I will be spending time this weekend creating a resource page. It will be readily available at the tabs at the top, and I will link to it regularly in articles. The goal of the resource page is to link people with already existing resources on the various topics I cover and encourage people to support the creators who can answer the questions people ask more thoroughly than I can. I’m not going to spend a lot of time hammering out what I’m doing here, just check in later to see what I’ve done. The resource page is being updated …

3 Excellent Reasons to Stop Adding Captions to Your TikToks

“Stop adding Captions”? Blasphemy. But there are several excellent reasons to stop adding them to your TikTok videos. Because They Interfere with Closed Captions The most important reason to stop adding them is that it interferes with the accessibility features of every smartphone. Inside the settings of every smartphone, you will find an accessibility link, and within that, you will find hearing accessibility settings with several options. One of these is closed captions. Most deaf and hard-of-hearing folk have these turned on by default, which means that your added captions can interfere with their ability to read your content. Because …

My Poor Neglected Website

I’m doing some thinking about what I’m going to do with this site and whether or not to keep it active. I have an active TikTok and Twitter and semi-active Facebook, and a decent archive on YouTube. I have a Patreon with a handful of Patrons. I’m thinking of making this feed the “home” for all of that, but that involves stepping away from the immediacy of social media to set up articles and links and all that. I’ll let you know what I decide.

Post COVID19 Changes to Out Of My Mind, Etc.

This year has been something. I’m working at home and completely rearranging my house and routine. I let Out of My Mind sit dormant while the world spun. Now that I’m settled in at home, I’m making (more) post COVID19 changes. It’s important to define a website’s focus narrowly. I haven’t done that enough with Out of My Mind. Because of my age and because my research shows that we will be making post COVID19 changes in the US for a very long time, I’m building my plans around the assumption that things won’t be “back to normal” for a long time.  …

Brand New Look!

Updated fonts, updated color scheme, and when you look at the menu, at the very end you will find “Memes for Sharing”. Every picture I have used that has a message rather than a title can be found there. I chose to make them a slideshow so that you can see them better. Please don’t crop out the attribution, and please don’t change them in such a way as to change the message. Enjoy!

Font Experiments

Over the next several days I will be experimenting with a new title font and possibly with new body fonts. I got some feedback that the Google Permanent Marker font I’ve been using as a title font is hard to read for some people. I’ve downloaded a few new fonts and will play with them. If you see one you like, let me know. 


Why Such a long time away? There have been some changes in my life. I took a long vacation from writing after a medical event in July that affected my entire body. My doctor put it down to a virus, but it was unlike any virus I’d ever experienced before. That event scared me and made me work hard to take care of myself, so I retreated for a while and then slowly worked my way back.  I am finishing up some changes to the places and ways I distribute information right now. I will continue to use YouTube for …