[Purely Political]: Everything is Political

Everything is Political My friend Kate Johnston has a friend that challenges her introductory college classes to find a subject that has no political implications. The idea made me grin.  Therefore, I immediately stole the idea and asked my friends on Facebook to give me ideas for “difficult” subjects to link to politics. This video covers three of them: chocolate, dog toenail clippers, and yarn.

Microfiction: Our Trans-Cyborg Overlords

Our Trans-Cyborg Overlords (Our Trans-Cyborg Overlords was written in response to a GOP politician claiming that trans people are planning to build cyborgs and take over the world. Paranoia is as paranoia does, or something)) They know I’m here. I can feel them. Looking up from the page, Dirk adjusted the dim light from his homemade candle and dipped his quill into the ink he’d made from blood and soot. No other light entered his bunker. How am I to escape? They have enhanced vision, reflexes, muscles. I am just flesh and bone. As far as I know, I’m the …