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Why Such a long time away?

There have been some changes in my life. I took a long vacation from writing after a medical event in July that affected my entire body. My doctor put it down to a virus, but it was unlike any virus I’d ever experienced before. That event scared me and made me work hard to take care of myself, so I retreated for a while and then slowly worked my way back. 

I am finishing up some changes to the places and ways I distribute information right now. I will continue to use YouTube for videos, but they will be shorter and less “produced” to put the content front and center and to save time. 

What Changes are ahead?
change ahead!
Change ahead!

I am creating a Discord server (not completed yet) for forums and voice channels. This will provide space for discussions about mental health and policies that affect it at all levels of the world. I will probably limit political discussions to policy, with very little discussion of people. I might create a “brawl” channel where all the most controversial subjects, from the Oxford comma to abortion, are to be discussed. This would be where people talk about public figures. 

My Patreon will no longer be a place for me to repost or post first the articles on this page. Instead, it will be where I write autobiographical and fictional stories related to mental health and policy and how I got where I am. In other words, that’s where you get context. 

I am deactivating my Facebook account including my Facebook pages and group on December 31.

Another change: Similar content will be posted separately.  I won’t closely coordinate video, audio, and articles anymore. Articles will have expanded material. Video and audio are likely to be very similar. Sometimes I’ll create content that doesn’t have a parallel in other forms. 

I will be aiming for more frequent, shorter articles and videos. 

December and June will be full month production vacations for me. I will also announce one week a quarter as a no production week, to avoid burnout, usually around the quarters (solstices and equinoxes). During those times I’ll almost certainly still be on Twitter. 

what stays the same?

I still have a Patreon, so sure, give a little if you like what I’m doing. I’ll be refining it over the next month. 

You can still find my videos on YouTube and audio on SoundCloud.

These days I spend a lot of time on Twitter as @odanu because that’s where the conversation is. 

I will continue to ask folk to donate to Kathy’s GoFundMe campaign until it is fully funded. 

I’ll continue to fairly regularly add microfiction to the collection, and memes to share. Do you all want a memes album to capture them from? 

Other than the above, I’m not committing to a regular publishing schedule. Between my therapy business, caring for my husband, and dealing with my own issues, my energy levels are inconsistent enough to make it a bad idea that I’ve tried too many times. 

What is the scope of the website?

The goal of supporting your life and your world hasn’t really changed. The scope of this website is mental health and local, state, national, and international policies and issues that affect it. If there are particularly egregious individuals affecting mental health (including specifically Donald Trump) I will address them as well.

While I write from a progressive, anti-racist, feminist, LGBTQ & disability supporting framework, I am (going forward) going to attempt to build bridges in the US vs. do what Russia does and further divide us. So I’ll *try* to the best of my contentious ability to find commonalities and educate vs. excoriate. 

Thank you for not giving up on me through the long silence. 

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