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I don’t remember making this simple bodywork video. This isn’t surprising considering that the original note I put on it said “no makeup, no sleep, no problem”. I’ve been self-conscious about being a professional in her mid-fifties on TikTok since I started and I think I was trying to bluster my way through it.

That said, simple bodywork can be incredibly powerful. One of the things that trauma does to your body is to disconnect the warning lights. In this metaphor, warning lights are body signals. I mean, trauma means well (and we all know that intent is bullshit and impact is everything, but at the same time, intent means we have something to work with, right?)

How to do Simple Body Work

So one of the tasks anyone who is stressed or traumatized has to do (on top of the many other things) is reconnect those warning lights. Which means learning how to read them all over again. Which means ever-so simple bodywork.

This is hard to convey in a one minute video, so the basic technique is to sit or lie down someplace comfortable, and starting at your head and working down, or your toes and working up, pay attention to every muscle in your body that you can identify. If you want to and can flex those muscles, that’s good too.


repost of 5-22-20 video about doing body checks to identify and ease stress #buildingjoy #1minutethought #fyp still a process.

♬ original sound – Jenni Liles
Simple Bodywork to reconnect and ease stress

It’s an exercise that gets easier the more you do it, and simple bodywork can help you identify all kinds of things that are contributing to pain and stress and are causing problems for it. Are you clenching your jaw? Are you compensating with one muscle because another doesn’t work well? It that causing the “good” muscle to hurt?

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