Post COVID19 Changes to Out Of My Mind, Etc.

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This year has been something. I’m working at home and completely rearranging my house and routine. I let Out of My Mind sit dormant while the world spun. Now that I’m settled in at home, I’m making (more) post COVID19 changes. It’s important to define a website’s focus narrowly. I haven’t done that enough with Out of My Mind. Because of my age and because my research shows that we will be making post COVID19 changes in the US for a very long time, I’m building my plans around the assumption that things won’t be “back to normal” for a long time. 

Over the next two weeks or so, you will see COVID19 changes here:
  • I have bought the domain It is not set up yet, but when it is, all of my mental health and related content (with new memes reflecting the new branding) will be there.
  • Out of My Mind from here forward focuses on how politics affects people and vice versa. So, politics from a mental health perspective, but not mental health. 
  • This website will continue to be where you find my microfiction and random stuff about me. 
  • I am writing CEU courses and will have at least one for sale at by December.
  • I’ve been on TikTok a lot lately and those videos, along with my “color and listen” videos will be split according to content matter between the sites and on corresponding YouTube channels. 
  • I’m creating a more relaxed publishing schedule to make sure I get real days off. 
And even more POst Covid19 changes:
  • Over the next two years or so I will be transitioning from being a full-time therapist to spending more of my time on the publishing end. 
  • Growing A Better Life: Learn 15 Everyday Skills to Help Your Brain Fight Your Anxiety and Win Forever will soon be published on Amazon. For the first 30 days, it will be priced at $0.99 and will then be set at $2.99. Expect it no later than the end of July
  • Growing a Better Life has mental health and life skills. You will be able to buy my books there in several formats, or at
  • will have information about my therapy practice. As I create them, online CEU courses will be posted there. I will have synchronous (live) and asynchronous (at your own pace) version of each CEU course for $10 per credit hour. 
  • This website, Out Of My Mind, will have short commentary and longer discussion of various political events and ideas. It will also have my “personal” stuff. 
  • Instead of a hobby, these websites will start being a key part of my business. Other than Google Adsense, I will not be monetizing Out of My Mind at all. 
So pretty much everything changes

I’m getting older now, and roughly a decade or two from retiring. These changes are part of my plan to be able to work part-time and have decent passive income to supplement my retirement when it comes time. I’m one of those weird people who is enjoying “shelter in place”, and it suits me to build my life based on my two loves: helping others and writing. I hope you come along for the ride. 

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