Why Is the “Rule of Law” Important to My Mental Health?

what is the rule of law and why does it matter?  The rule of law is: “a situation in which the laws of a country are obeyed by everyone The courts uphold the rule of law.” In a country that follows the rule of law, the laws and penalties are the same for everyone. Under that definition, there isn’t a country in the world that is entirely following the rule of law. A lot of countries, maybe even most, believe in it and work towards it, however, and that is important. When people are able to go around the law if they are rich …

A Ridiculously Basic Primer on Consent Culture

What is Consent Culture? At its simplest, consent culture is a culture in which asking for consent is normalized and encouraged in popular culture. This includes many parts of life, not just sexual consent. We should treat asking consent as normal in lots of activities. These include, but aren’t limited to: