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Starting the day in her office with the sun beaming down on her.

Out Of My Mind is a project by Jennifer D. Liles MSW, LCSW, (Jenni) owner of Responsive Mental Health Services, LLC. RMHS LLC is a mental health practice out of Independence Missouri that focuses on trauma-related and marginalization related mental health issues.   With an undergraduate degree in history out of New Mexico State University and an MSW from the University of Missouri Kansas City, Jenni has spent most of her adult life working with and for marginalized folk.

She provided case management to people with developmental disabilities and co-occurring issues for five years. Later, she worked with the homeless population in Kansas City for six years. Finally, she started working as a therapist full-time in 2011.  She started her own practice in 2013 and has been there ever since. 

She has lived with a traumatic brain injury since shortly before her 21st birthday. Jenni manages Major Depression and chronic Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in her life as well. 


blond child wearing broad, flat rimmed hat, sweatshirt and jeans, smiling into camera with hands balled into fists.
stubborn, opinionated, and ready to go

Jenni has been writing since she could hold a crayon and has been opinionated since she could form a sentence. She uses these skills to expand skills teaching that assists her mental health therapy participants to a larger audience. Jenni accomplishes this using videos, podcasts, and articles about mental health life skills from a social justice perspective. 

In addition, she encourages folks marginalized by mental health and other issues to use these same skills to learn to affect the larger world. Posts marked “politics” will either be applications of skills to the larger world, or a breakdown of issues and whose rights and what ideas are at stake. 

Readers, watchers, and listeners are invited to share successes and issues that arise when they try to apply their skills to these issues. 


Black woman wearing glasses with curling hair to shoulders
Kathy driving to work

Jenni has been described as passionate, stubborn, infuriating, and (by her husband) as a “paladin in dented armor”. She does this as a way to help the world become a better place for those who have been consistently left behind. Part of her goal, as she gets older, is to slowly focus more on writing and videos so that these will become a retirement income for her as she eventually (in a dozen years or so) leaves providing individual therapy behind. If you want to help Jenni meet this goal, subscribe to the videos on Patreon and get access 3 days earlier than on YouTube or this website. 

In addition, her best friend, Katherine Malone, LCSW, (Kathy) needs a heart transplant and must raise $20k before the hospital will put her on the transplant list, so 50% of all proceeds from Jenni’s writing and videos will go toward Kathy’s funds until further notice. If you want to donate directly, go to the page Jenni set up for Kathy and choose from the donation links on the right-hand side (on your phone, they will be at the bottom of the page)